Install and setup DevStack on Linux

Step 1:

Take a fresh/new Linux machine/virtual machine.

Step 2:

Install  ‘git’ on that machine.  (sudo apt-get install git)

Step 3:

Download/clone DevStack using git.

(git clone

Step 4:

You will found a ‘devstack’ directory.

Go to that directory.(cd devstack)

You will find a file ‘stackrc’.

Do following changes in that file.

you will find  a line -GIT_BASE=${GIT_BASE:-git://}’

line number may 169(may variable).

Remove/comment out this line.

Insert the line – ‘GIT_BASE=${GIT_BASE:-}’


Step 5:

Copy the file local.conf from ‘devstack/samples’ directory to ‘devstack’ directory and remove the rest contents and put only the following lines in it :










Step 6:

Run devstack and ./ with non sudo user (strictly))

./ will ask you for password 5-6 times.

Provide the same password all the time.

It will take around 30-45 mins to run the script.

Step 7:

After successful installation at the end, it will show you following

4 important things.

host ip, Horizon’s (devstack’s dashboard) ip address ,default users,password.

Save those things , those will be require in future to run any devstack commands.





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