Add Active external storage to xen server

When you try to add external storage disk to  any virtual machine on the xen server.

It will not show you ‘No’ under the active option in storage option of xen server.

You can see  the disk path is ‘unknown’ instead of /dev/xvd.

Note:-disk is active only if path of the disk is /dev/svd.

You need to click on ‘Activate’ option .

But problem you will may face is ,the ‘Activate’ button is disable(you can not click on it).





Install xen server tools to your OS.

check you Linux version:


64 bit or 32 bit…and according to that …download a package – ‘xe-guest-utillities_6.2.0-1120_amd64.deb/rpm’


And install this package.

After successful installation ,you will able to click on ‘Aticvate’ option.

After making it active,disk’s path will be shown, /dev/xvd.

you can check it by firing following command-

‘fdisk -l’

you can see 2 disks…one at /dev/xvda

and newly created at  /dev/xvdb or xvdc and so on.

After all above procedure, you will add external storage(active) to xen server.



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