‘Django – python web framework’ session taken by me in Python Pune Meetup Feb 2017

Hi Readers,

On 26th Feb, I took a session on ‘django – python web framework’ in Python Pune Meetup at Tixdo Pvt. Ltd. Cybercity, magarpatta Pune.

I gave a demo as well, but now, I am pasting content of my slides.

slide 1 – django

Web framework written in python
MTV – Model(data access), Template(presentation), View(bridge between M and T / logic)
Request response
Fast, secure, scalable, opensource.


slide 2 – architecture



slide 3-

The developer writes/provides the model and then template and view maps to the url

slide 4 –

Django comes with a lightweight web server for developing and testing applications. This server is pre-configured to work with Django.

slide 5-  Installation

Prerequisites – python
dnf install python-django
git clone git://github.com/django/django.git , pip install -e django/
Install pip/pip3 and then pip/pip3 install django
using virtualenv


slide 6 – Imp files in django after creation of project/app



slide 7 –  important links





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